Monday, June 5, 2017

Something old, something new in the tart world of rhubarb

Every year we're challenged anew: what can we do with the springtime gift that is rhubarb that we've never done before? (Rhubarb is a gift of springtime but it's also a gift from our friend Valerie who generously brings it to us from Amherst. She's often looking for new ways to enjoy rhubarb also.)

It often feels as if we've done it all. We've made jams and jellies; pies and crisps; cakes and muffins; chutneys. We've made cordial and compote, sweet sauce for ice cream, savoury sauce for chicken and meat.

Last year and again this year, we've had a delicious rhubarb coffee cake for Dan's birthday.

We're by no means finished this year — we will get back to the tried and true, the old favourites.

In the meantime though, I did try something new. Here are clues:

(The Junior cat showed up as a distraction)

You're right. It's rhubarb pickle. It's very easy and the combination of cider vinegar, fresh sliced ginger and lots of pickling spice should make a very flavourful condiment.

They have to sit for a couple of weeks so I'll let them do that and I'll report back.

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